Saskara Counsellors



In an era where informations can be easily obtained online, law informations are easily and quickly obtained, but in actuality law informations are not Legal Advise. Legal Advise is an exclusive opinion given to one party. A legal advise given to certain entity might be inapplicable to another, because there are other inter-related aspects which should be observed. Often times a legal advise given to business entities require assistance of another professional.

We are here to fill this need by offering service where our clients are directly taken care of by our lawyers ensuring delivery of sound legal advise of broad analysis.

We assess matters together with multi disciplinary experts , such as corporate credit risk analyst, organizational effectiveness, and Taxation. These approaches had proven to significantly improve the quality of decision made by our clients in doing their businesses, whether it’s a Business establishment, commercial transaction, corporate action or dispute settlement including business dissolution.

Throughout our practice, we have assisted clients of diverse industries and nationalities. We have had the honor of handling probono just as the honor of taking part in business transaction and dispute worth hundred million USD. Our clients include local, foreign and multinational companies across a range of industry sectors.